Asher's Big Boy Bed {Bitterroot, MT Lifestyle Family Photographer}

A couple months ago, my little boy turned two. He LOVES his sleep (I know, weird, right?), so my husband and I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about making sure he's comfortable, so he KEEPS loving it. I had his bedding custom-made. He has a strict night-time routine that he knows by heart (jim-jams [pajamas], toot-bwush [toothbrush], dowies [stories, three to be exact], pway [pray], thing [sing], hug and kiss, tie-time [nighttime] with goner [glow-worm]). That's it. We know it by heart and we do it every night. 

So we approached the transition from a crib to a toddler bed with some trepidation. Wouldn't it disturb his beloved routine? What if he decided to not like sleep so much anymore? What would he do with all his freedom!?!

One day my husband just bit the bullet and converted his bed. And Asher kind of... loved it. He crawls in and out of it. He plays. He pretends his stuffed animals need to go to bed. 


It's both awesome and terrifying watching them grow up into their own little people.