Presenting: Custom Wall Art


I am so excited to announce that Tiffany Photography is moving toward becoming a full-service photography studio. That means that from start to finish, from conception to completion, I will help you design artwork that you'll be happy to show off for years to come.

When you invest in a professional artist, you deserve professional quality products to show off the beauty of your photos.

I have partnered with Lydia Rae -- a custom furniture and home decor shop. They created these awesome barnwood frames and family name signs. 


In this age of easy access to digital images, we often undervalue the importance of prints. 

Walking into my grandmother’s house as a child, I always remember seeing a large, framed painting of my great grandmother, who died before I was born. Her hair was parted down the middle and tied in a low bun. She was wearing a high-collared lace dress. Even though I never met her, I knew I was in the lineage of a strong, elegant, confident woman based on that portrait.

When you’re old, what will your grandchildren remember? When you’ve passed, what will your great grandchildren know about you? Will they have to search Facebook to catch a glimpse of what you looked like? Will Facebook even be around then?


I have searched high and low for the best quality prints that complement my shooting and editing style. My prints are printed on lustre paper, which is similar to matte but with a slight sheen. Photo prints on this paper are exceptional quality. They're mounted on a sturdy styrene foam. 


The barnwood frames are constructed around the mounted prints. They can be removed easily and changed out with new prints. The frames last a lifetime even when you update your photos. They come with hanging hardware. Because they're made of actual barnwood, no two frames are exactly the same.

Pair your framed photos with custom name signs from Lydia Rae. We have lots of designs to choose from, or let us design something specifically for you!