Meet Stunning Sari {Missoula, MT Portrait Photographer}

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of photographing my beautiful friend Sari. Sari is an Arbonne expert and my go-to gal for all questions skincare related.  I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to skincare. I come from a long line of Clinique users. My grandmother, mother and I all have Clinique products in our medicine cabinets. After telling Sari my biggest skincare gripe that Clinique hasn't been able to solve -- the rashy-looking redness on my cheeks -- she convinced me to try a demo of Arbonne's Calm Collection. It's only day four, but I can tell my rosy cheeks have improved. I trust Sari a lot with my skin!

I also trust her with my clients. In fact, Sari and I are going to be working closely together from now on, as she's also my makeup consultant for boudoir, glamour, senior, and maternity shoots in Missoula. First thing was first, I needed to photograph Sari for the About page on my website. "Get ready for the biggest challenge of your photography career!" Sari joked, adding that she NEVER photographs well. I disagreed, but I like challenges. Here's Sari!:


I'm still trying to figure out which style I prefer after creating my own film mattes. The top is with the film matte effect. The bottom is a more tradition, clean edit. Which do you prefer?


I hope Sari can use these for her professional portfolio as she meets with clients and makes their skin care dreams come true. If you would like to schedule a similar head shot session like the one I did with Sari, give me a call at (254) 760-4641.