Sled Day {Missoula, MT Family Photographer}

We have these friends that are very special to our family. We've all sort of "done life" together. We've evolved from the dumb, 20-something college/grad school students to adults with children and mortgages and student loan payments. Between us, we have five kids, with more on the way. We've been tested by life together. And we've emerged stronger because of our friendship.

Last weekend, we planned a sled day. Everyone wanted to go to Blue Mountain. I'd heard mixed reviews about Blue Mountain -- from it's a slow, quant sled ride, perfect for young kids to it's a dangerous, slippery death trap, DO NOT ATTEMPT! Driving up there is this sign that I should have grabbed a picture of that basically outlines all the perils of sledding -- from possible broken bones to paralysis to death. As if I wasn't already terrified to send my toddler down a hill in a thin encasement of plastic. 

My daredevil husband put an end to my concerns pretty quickly. Before I could even get out of my car, he had Asher in the sled, taking off down a hill. And Blue Mountain proved to be pretty fun. There were some pretty treacherous hills (that the men in our group wasted no time getting to know) and some perfect little bunny hills for the littles in our group. 

Here's some of my favorite images of the day.