Wilson - Janes Cousin Session {Bitterroot, MT Family Photographer}

There are some clients who leave your studio, and you just can't wait to work with them again. Allison and her sweet family were like that. I took the Janes' family photos for Christmas. So when she contacted me again to do a cousin session for her beautiful girls and their cousins, a couple of rough and rowdy boys from California, I felt a little tingle of excitement. 

"It could get crazy," she said, explaining the kids' ages. Kayden, the oldest, is 6; Ayla, 3; Addy and Harlen are 7 months. They were born within three weeks of each other, and you can already tell they're best buds.

Thing is, I love crazy! About as much as I love a challenge.

These kids have style (okay, their moms have style). I loved their coordinated outfits, Ayla's mop of reddish curls, Harlen's wide, toothless smile. And things did, in fact, get crazy. At one point, I had the two oldest kids jumping on a mattress on the floor of my studio, making silly faces, limbs flailing. And I thought, "I love my job."

I mean, who wouldn't, right?

Thank you for trusting me to capture your kiddos at this awesome stage of life, Allison and Ashley! To see more of the Janes - Wilson Cousin Session, visit: http://tiffanyphotography.pass.us/wilson-family/