Makeover Night! {Bitterroot, MT Glam Portrait Photographer}

I have some hot friends. 

I know, I know, that's bragging, but it's true. Many of them have no idea how hot they are. So Sari and I conspired to prove it to them in our first annual Makeover Night. Sari brought the makeup and expertise. I brought the camera. We had food, wine, props, and tons of laughter. 

But enough words. Time for some eye candy.

Jessica just had an ADORABLE little boy -- her first. He has these black curls and long lashes. You can already tell he's going to be a little heartbreaker. And he got his good looks from his momma!


Kelsey has been such an encouragement to me as a mother. Our little boys are about the same age, AND she has a daughter a year older. What a busy mom! And such a hottie. I'm pretty sure she's channeling Marilynn Monroe here.

Ashley is a momma of four (FOUR!). Her youngest is about to turn three. I love the way they all have her adorable smile. And the way her gorgeous green eyes are the first thing you notice about her. I've always wanted green eyes!

At the last minute, my sister-in-law decided to join us for a few days. "Awesome, you'll be here in time for Makeover Night!" Ginny had just modeled for me a few weeks prior, so I already knew she knew how to pose. 


We had a blast, and the best part is, we're doing it again in a few weeks. If you want to schedule your own glam head shot session, get in touch, using the Contact page.