Emma's Cake Smash {Bitterroot, MT Family Photographer}

Emma Claire is my first milestone subject. And my little guinea pig.

I took her newborn pictures. It was right after I got my studio up and running, and her patient new parents came out to record her first days with me. They did everything I asked, from helping hold reflectors to soothing Emma in the moments she became impatient with my endless posing. Three hours later, it was a wrap! 

Newborn photography is a different animal. I usually tell parents to wear layers they can peel off when the studio gets too warm -- it's somewhere between 78-80 degrees. More conducive for a naked newborn than a grown adult. It also takes a lot longer than your usual portrait session. Everyone is on baby time, which means everything stops when the baby wants to eat or is feeling restless or isn't sleepy yet. As a photographer, that's a-okay with me. Emma was the perfect first newborn!

So as Emma's first birthday approached, her parents and I began making a plan for her One Year photos. We decided to do a cake smash. 

But first we had to nab some photos outside. It was such a beautiful day! Emma has the good fortune of having been born in the spring. Spring in Montana means the smell of new grass, wet dirt and flower buds. Unfortunately, it can also mean precarious weather. But, for Emma, it was all sunshine.


Then we moved into my studio. This face is how we knew it was time to stop messing around and eat some cake.

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