Oh, Baby {Bitterroot, MT Blessings Photographer}

I have these two best friends. Last fall we were all sort of joking about being pregnant at the same time. A month later, I took a positive pregnancy test.

With two young daughters, Amber was also feeling ready to grow her family. She has always been passionate about foster care and adoption, particularly for kids in emergency situations, so she grappled with the decision to try and conceive a baby or begin looking into alternative methods to grow their family. A short time later, she took a positive pregnancy test. 

Jacey had her first two children very early in her marriage. They've grown to be joyous, energetic, funny nine- and seven-year-olds, full of personality and varied interests. After a surprise pregnancy and painful, traumatic miscarriage in 2012, the thought of being pregnant again and having another baby has never left Jacey. Still, with almost a decade between, her life now is much different than when her children were born, so Jacey wavered between the ache for new life and wanting enjoy the older stage her children are at now. She wasn't sure if having another baby was the right decision. So she left it up to God. 

A short time ago, she took a positive pregnancy test.

It's such a blessing to be on this journey with my best friends and be part of sharing our pregnancy stories through photography. I am in my third trimester, Amber is in her second with a baby due in late September/early October, and Jacey is in her first trimester. They are such an encouragement to me, and I hope I am to them. It as so fun getting to photograph their announcements, and I cannot wait to photograph little baby fingers and toes, kisses and smiles.