On Motherhood {Bitterroot, MT Maternity Photographer}

When I had my son two years ago, I contemplated hiring a newborn photographer. After three and a half hours of unsuccessful pushing, a C-section, very little sleep and breastfeeding issues, I was completely and utterly out-of-my mind exhausted. But I still wanted photos. I wanted photos so badly of his tiny, wrinkly fingers and toes. His poor misshapen head. His button nose. I knew he wouldn't look like that for long. I knew he'd wouldn't be tiny. (Man, was I right. He's 40 pounds now!). I wanted photos. So I googled from my hospital bed and ended up finding a photographer I loved. 

Photo Credit: Renee Petersen of  Saloli Moments Photography

Photo Credit: Renee Petersen of Saloli Moments Photography

Oddly, family members with the best of intentions discouraged me from hiring a photographer. I was pretty good wielding a camera, and I should just take my own newborn photos and save the money, they said. The only problem with that scenario -- I wanted to be IN the pictures. I wanted to be interacting with my son and husband. I knew if that's what I wanted, it's what I deserved, so I didn't think about how many diapers I could buy with the money I spent on photography. It was an investment I was happy to make.

Two years later, I STILL love Renee's photographs of our time as a new family of three.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph several moms with their amazing kiddos. It was a day of mini-sessions I designed to capture the delight and radiance of every stage of motherhood. 

From the easy laughter when we experience when they tell us a joke only we will understand.

To the tenderness as we hold them close to us, breathing in their sweet baby smell.

To the innate protectiveness we feel for them that cannot be contained, especially when they're doing something terrifying.

To our reaction when they return our affection.

To the excitement we feel when we get to watch them experience something new.

I am so lucky that I get to capture these moments and help women preserve them forever. I am so blessed that this is a "job." I am so grateful to everyone who has trusted me with their cherished families. 

Blessings to you on this Mother's Day and every day hereafter.