Barnhouse Family - Glen, Angela, Connor {Bitterroot, Montana Family Photographer}

It's always a bit surreal to see my friend's kids grow up. I moved away and started a family, so Angela and I had been out of touch for a while. I felt pretty lucky when she'd contacted me to do a family photoshoot. And then I saw her son, who was just  a tot the last time I saw him. He's grown into a handsome young man. And there. I just sounded like my grandma, calling elementary school kids "young men." But it's true. He's growing like a weed. I'd better stop before I inject other grandmotherly idioms into this post!

We had a blast exploring a historical plot of land that is quite literally in their backyard. They'd never really spent much time there, so it was fun showing them how what a cool little piece of Montana history is so close. I wish someone would come show me cool stuff in my backyard. It just seems like a bunch of overgrown weeds back there.

Glen had us laughing the whole time, which I found awesome because I almost never remember seeing him crack a smile. 


It was a joy to spend a Saturday evening with this family. To book a similar session, contact me by visiting the contact page.