Rich and Rebecca -- Wedded Bliss {Missoula Wedding Photographer}

A few years ago, I sat across the table from a friend and mentor, Rebecca, during a lunch meeting and she gave me a bunch of gifts. A stress ball because I had a stressful job, and she knew that all too well. A chocolate candy bar. And a leather-bound portfolio monthly calendar. 

In the moment, I got most excited about the candy bar. I was short-sighted (and apparently hungry). But that calendar has been with me ever since and is considered one of the most generous things anyone has ever given a type-A planner like myself. 

A few months ago, I got to write down a very special day on that calendar. Rebecca's marriage to her long-time friend, Rich, both of whom I have known a long time. Seeing their friendship bloom into love has been one of the best surprises -- and yet, it's always been so obvious how compatible they are all along. 


So many people contributed to making the day memorable. Rebecca's best friend drove from across the state to sing a solo. Rich's twin brothers played their guitars. Another brother read a verse from the Bible that is special to the couple. There were so many beautiful moments in the wedding. But the one that will always stick with me is the image of Rich and Rebecca embracing each other's children after giving them gifts. You can tell there is already so much love and acceptance within this new family.

Thank you so much, Rich and Rebecca, for allowing me to be part of your wedding day. It was an honor to see firsthand and capture with my camera the love that exists between you! For more from Rich and Rebecca's wedding, click their gallery here