The James Family -- Dan + Misti {Bitterroot, MT Family Photographer}

A great many moons ago (aka back in January) I took my son location scouting because it was an unseasonably warm winter day and there. was. actually. sunshine.

Sunshine in Montana just doesn't happen in the winter, but when it does it isn't uncommon to see people in their swimsuits, soaking up every available ray. I kid, I kid. But seriously, they throw you in jail if you don't appreciate the sunshine in winter around here. 

Our adventures led us to one of my favorite summer spots -- Fort Fizzle, and I snapped this photo of him there.

What a difference eight months makes! This is the same spot during the wonderful James Family's photoshoot:

The light through the trees was just incredible, and check out all that foliage framing them! Okay, enough photography talk. Misti was one of my students in my Photoshop class. I got to meet her husband Dan, and kiddos (from left to right), Ethan, 11; Kaelan, 6; Raydan, 7; Lillyan, 5; and Thomas, a junior in high school who is a foreign exchange student from Denmark.

You read that right. Dan and Misti have kids ages 5, 6, 7, and 11, and still opened their home (and hearts) to a foreign exchange student. They are so inspiring!


Throw in a successful business, church activities, and school extracurriculars, and you have what the kids are calling "a full plate."

Speaking of school, I've been DYING to do a back to school photoshoot, and these guys indulged me. I am so grateful and proud of how these turned out! Thanks for the laughs!

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