The Jessop Family -- Leland, Heather, Ziva, Carter {Bitterroot, MT Family Photographer}

The Jessop family started their session with me off right by sending 4-year-old Ziva out to greet me first. I arrived at their house and began unpacking my gear when I heard a little voice behind me.

"Can I show you a secret?"

"Um. Sure."

"It's a rock. It's for you."

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl placed a pebble in my hand and said, "But don't show anyone else. It's our secret. You have to find a special place to put it at your house."

So began my adventure with Ziva and her family. Mom, Heather, had told me that where we were going, a trail that her husband grew up hiking, would soon be my favorite photography spot. She wasn't kidding.

A cascading waterfall, flowering vines, a still lake surrounded by mountains and the sun peeking out from dense foliage were among the sights we saw on our four-hour session together.