Santa Sessions are Here!

MS035 Santa Minis.jpg

I am so excited about these sessions! I've been looking forward to this all year. Full disclosure, Santa is my father-in-law. He moved here recently from Austin, Texas, where he plays Santa for my sister-in-law's group home. My sister-in-law, who is actually in her mid-30s, was born with a brain defect that renders her unable to think past the age of 2. When my husband and I first started dating, one of our first excursions was to the group home Christmas party. My father-in-law disappeared for a bit, and then Santa emerged, bearing presents. I knew immediately that I could be part of this family! 

I was so excited when he agreed to play Santa again, this time for my clients! 

I've been offering mini sessions several times a year since I started my business, and one question I get most often is "How Do I Prepare?"

For the best photos, your main job, mom and dad, is to dress your kids in ways that compliment the rest of the session. The colors I chose for this session are black, white, gray and that bright cherry buffalo check red that is so popular right now. You should have no trouble finding something to go with that. Remember to keep it simple and don't mix too many patterns.  I am a big fan of solid colors with subtle patterns as the details. But do what makes sense for you!

I will be dressed as one of Santa's elves. When you get to the session, I'll explain to the kiddos that Santa is going to be there soon and that we are going to make some art of them meeting Santa. I want to warm them up to the idea that they will be getting their photo made. I will tell them that if they are good, Santa may even have a little gift for them. We will do a couple of photos without Santa, and then I will "go check to see if he's arrived." I'll bring Santa out, we'll take some photos, and then I'll let Santa go back to the North Pole. When I return, I will have a gift that Santa wanted to leave for them.

I am so excited about this shoot. Please let me know if you have any questions!