Racheal's Maternity Session {Bitterroot, MT Maternity Photographer}

What do you get when you combine the perfect spring setting with the most beautiful time of day (golden hour) and the most adorable family with a beautiful pregnant momma at the helm? Photography kismet, that's what. 

That's what I got anyway with Racheal's Maternity Session. John, Racheal and two-year-old Jared showed up just as the glinting sun was starting to make its way toward the horizon and I knew I was in for some perfect with this remarkable family.

The weather -- and the Lewings -- did not disappoint. See what I mean?!

There is so much love within this family -- the kind you know sustains even through the hard days and nights with a newborn. I cannot wait to see them in action as they grow their family. Thank you, Lewings, for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments. 

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